Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical

If you,like me, are interested in knowing more about Diseases,their signs and how to be aware of them or treat them, or if you (again like me!) are just a fan of good old House MD, Then you’re gonna like Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical.

It’s a very helpful medical app with an alphabetical list of diseases also a search field for you type what you’re looking for. Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical has a nice layout. when you look up a disease, there are: summary, signs and symptoms, causes, mechanism,diagnosis,treatment, epidemiology and much more. Use it once and you will see how useful this app is!

However, I must let you know that I have a friend who is a doctor and he managed to come up with some bizarre and rare diseases that this app didn’t have in it’s database. So if you’re looking for something really rare,Diseases Dictionary ✪ Medical is probably going to disappoint you. Another thing is that every time you close it one add pops up which,honestly is not really bad.