SurfEasy VPN

If you live in a country in which the internet is censored and filtered or if your service provider has limited your access to certain websites, maybe this is going to help!

SurfEasy VPN is easy to use, has different regions to choose, gives you 500mb free monthly and you can add to it by inviting friends or sharing it on social networks. SurfEasy VPN even gives you another 100mb just by confirming your email address and I can tell you that they are not going to bombard that email address cause I’ve been using this program for the last one year or more.

SurfEasy VPN is not just for android. It has Windows program as well as two apps for apple users.The only thing you need to know is that sometimes ( not often) you need to change the region to get a better speed. I guess it’s because of busy servers or something like that.