If you have apps,pictures or videos on your android device that you don’t want others to use or watch or if you want to kid proof your adult stuff! you can count on AppLock.

For months I’ve been using AppLock and I still do because it’s simply the best for me. For instance I use it to secure my Facebook app;when I touch the Facebook app icon, it asks for a password first. AppLock also comes with two vaults for pictures and videos. The difference is when you add a video or picture to the vault you can’t see that item in your file manager anymore. The only way to watch the hidden item is to open AppLock, enter the password, go to the vault from left side menu and watch that item in there.

AppLock has many great options and you can even change the theme of the app! but at the same time it is easy to use. You can even hide the AppLock icon so that people won’t know you have it. You can then access it via going to your dial app and dialing: #your password and hit the call button. How cool is that!? 😉