Record your calls with Callbox! 

If you need to return to your calls for any reason such as remembering something important or work purposes, Callbox is what you need!  It automatically or by your choice,  records your calls. Callbox gives you the option of choosing the format as well as the quality you prefer even which storage you want Callbox to record your calls.  Good app ūüôā

Here is a pic from its page.  Click Callbox

OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect¬†¬†is one of the best solutions out there for skipping internet censorship or simply using different identity during surfing the web. ¬†I tested it and it works accross different platforms and I must say¬†OpenVPN Connect¬†¬†works very fast . too bad this nice and handy app doesn’t have a windows phone twin too cuse it works on all the other OSs I know.

You can also go to other VPN providers such as VPNBOOK and download their bundles then use them by importing them into this app.

Advanced Download Manager Pro


If you are looking for a good Download Manager and, like me, you download a lot, then you will find Advanced Download manager Pro or ADM for short, a very good choice.

Some of the best features are the ability to make plans ans schedules and assigning time for the start and end of a download task.


In ADM, you can also choose if you want the WIFI goes off at the end time you have already chosen or maybe close the app or both and many other features which will make your download experience more pleasant!

ADM will be added to the list of proposed apps when you touch a download link so that you can use the app even when it is closed.What more can you expect from a non-desktop application!?


Bird Mail

Bird Mail

One of my problems is that I have a lot of different email accounts from different providers and I really like to manage them in one app rather than multiple clients. Gmail used to work fine for me until suddenly I faced a frustrating problem; My deleted emails somehow managed to find their way back like a bunch of very unwanted zombies ūüôā

After trying to fix it and using my only force, registering a very low rating in their store page, I finally did give up and searched for an app than can at least do the same as an unfaulty Gmail would do! and I came around Bird Mail.

Bird Mail

Bird Mail is a very suitable choice for those like me who want to manage multiple accounts ,or even one, in one place. It gives you all the needed options such as folders and the ability to ” select all”.

The only problem I’ve had so far is that I can’t get the notification to work properly. Whenever a new email arrives it does absolutely nothing! so I have to go check manually to see if I have any new emails; kinda like an old guy checking his mail box in front of the house yard ūüôā Other than that it’s a nice and perfectly working app.¬†Bird Mail¬†is NOT FREE but it has a free version too which I guess is nos as good!

Photo Editor by Aviary

I found a very nice photo editing app! It has more features than you can possibly expect from one single android app in the current time.

Photo Editor by Aviary is equipped with enhancement features that really do the job. They practically change your picture for better. They reveal photo details and improve the color and contrast.

Another really nice feature of Photo Editor by Aviary is splash. With splash you can choose which parts of the pic should be in color and and which parts should be in B/W.

Photo Editor by Aviary¬†has lots of more useful abilities such as focus,vignette,draw,red eye and frames and stickers. Get¬†Photo Editor by Aviary¬†and have fun ūüôā

Asteroids inside your screen!

If you like cosmology as much as I do, then you would probably like to have something cosmetic moving around your screen!

Asteroids 3D live wallpaper¬†is free and after you install it you can use it’s customization to change it to your convenience. It gives you a number of different backgrounds. You can also change the number and the speed of your asteroids. It,optionally, uses your gyroscope so that when you move your device,¬†Asteroids 3D live wallpaper¬†also moves with it! Try it for fun ūüôā

A dictionary for drugs

Having a drug dictionary is always useful. It helps you understand what a drug ,prescribed by your doctor, is actually made of , how it helps you, what’s the general dosage and when you shouldn’t take it.

Drugs Dictionary Offline gives you proper answers to all of the above mentioned questions. It has an alphabetical order with a search field and when you open a drug the sections are in this order: About,Uses,How to Take, Side Effects, Precautions, Drug Interactions, Missed Dose and Storage.

Technically,¬†Drugs Dictionary Offline¬†gives you every piece of information you need to know what is it that you are taking, what dangers it has along side it’s benefits, how to keep your drug and all the other necessary info you need.

Like any other app of this sort,Drugs Dictionary Offline is not complete so it is possible that you search for a drug (especially a rare one) and this app fail you.

Elegance Theme

Another nicely designed theme with a lot of beautiful icons. A theme which really gives a new look to your android device. Elegance Is not just beautiful, it is multi- launcher, meaning it works on multiple launchers such as Apex, Nova, Go, ADW, Holo, Kitkat and most probably Next Launcher. Try Elegance and see for yourself!


Ever found an amazing article or an interesting video in the internet and you thought too bad mt phone screen is small otherwise I would be all over it!? Or perhaps you haven’t had time for it the moment and you wished you could enjoy it later and while being offline? Well Pocket is going to help you with that:-)

Articles, videos and images are what you can save in Pocket. You can install Pocket extensions for your browsers as well so that when you save something on your android device, you can read or watch it over the bigger screen of your PC or laptop later. Even your friends can share interesting stuff with you.


We all know that It is not yet possible to work on a picture in android as efficient as in desktop operating systems. Photo enhancement programs in android are just not that good yet. But if you need to have a good app on your device anyway and you don’t expect something extraordinary from it, then I think I’ve found something for you!

PicsArt¬†is not just a photo enhancement; Other than all the effects and edit options, You can make collages. One more exiting thing: In¬†PicsArt¬†you can even draw! How cool is that:-) You can join the big community by signing up and becoming a¬†PicsArt¬†artist as well. Don’t forget to try the camera app inside this app. Take some artistic pictures! I highly recommend this app for everyone.