TOEFL Essential Words

Very light weight app with all the pronunciations and voice. TOEFL Essential Words gives you two options; words categorized in numerous lessons or words based on theme, like geology words or linguistic words.

Although TOEFL Essential Words is a very simple app, the reminder option is a very nice touch! There is an icon of a clock at the bottom of the app’s interface which lets you set up a time for your next study then the app will remind you so that you don’t forget your daily dose of new words. 🙂

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Having a dictionary installed on your device is almost necessary. Even if English is your mother tongue, sometimes you need a dictionary too look up jargon or even to write an official letter!

One of the best dictionaries in play store is Merriam Webster Dictionary which is very easy to use with prediction and a very hand voice search which unfortunately only works when you have internet.

Merriam Webster Dictionary is one of the most famous dictionaries in the world and this reputation is well earned. It can be a very useful app for students, language learners, merchants and others.