Crossword Puzzle

It’s not an easy game but not really a hard one either. Crossword Puzzle is a multi-source crossword with a so many puzzles that can completely fill your leisure time.

With Crossword Puzzle you can choose a puzzle from different sources from different dates and once you finished you can share your result with the world! Crossword Puzzle also runs a competition. If you’re one of those who are seriously in to crosswords, you can compete with others for a digital prize. If only it wouldn’t ask so much about rating the app. I mean we all love you… just leave us alone 🙂

8 Ball Pool

Among all the billiard games all over the play store and internet, 8 Ball Pool is the only one that didn’t bore me for months! It gives you challenge, it’s on money! also it has a colorful interface:-)

8 Ball Pool is an online game,meaning you can’t play without a connection or data plan. It’s because the game basically sets you in game against other players from all over the world which is somehow the exiting thing about online games.

However, 8 Ball Pool is not completely flawless. Sometimes it takes forever to connect,also often you don’t get an opponent of your level which ends in humiliating defeat! Still, It’s a game that will entertain you for quiet some time.

Cinemarama – guess the movie!

Cinemarama – guess the movie! is a great game for movie enthusiasts like me 😉 It has a lot of different guessing games within it. For instance, guessing the horror movies,Christmas movies, odd cars in movies, strange characters etc.

Progress in Cinemarama – guess the movie! is based on gaining more points but guessing the currect answers and each time you choose a wrong letter of alphabet you loose one of the five points you were about to gain.

It’s a very fun game and it works offline unless you wanna buy points.You can download it to your gadget from Play Store right here.

Brain Wars

Brain Wars is a nice game which I play few times a day! In this online game you will be challenged with some good brain games related to mathematics,accuracy, speed and observation, etc.

Brain Wars will let you play against other users online. you can add others as your friends and challenge them later. You can also play against their records if they are not there to play with you.

Although it’s one of my favorite games, Brain Wars sometimes updates too often and you wont be able to play unless you update!

Another problem is that I experienced force close a few times but not enough to convince me to give it up!

By the way, If you ever wanted to challenge me you can add me with this code:BBR0239