Merriam Webster Dictionary

Having a dictionary installed on your device is almost necessary. Even if English is your mother tongue, sometimes you need a dictionary too look up jargon or even to write an official letter!

One of the best dictionaries in play store is Merriam Webster Dictionary which is very easy to use with prediction and a very hand voice search which unfortunately only works when you have internet.

Merriam Webster Dictionary is one of the most famous dictionaries in the world and this reputation is well earned. It can be a very useful app for students, language learners, merchants and others.

Learn French 6,000 Words

There are a lot of language teaching apps out there, each claiming to be the best. Some of them are made to increase your vocabulary while others may teach you phrases. Learn French 6,000 Words is for vocabulary skill.

Learn French 6,000 Words consists of a number of topics and each of them is divided into subtopics. Choose one,play the games and learn new words. When you install this app, the first level is unlocked for you which is 1000 words so it’s gonna entertain you for a while 🙂

One problem I had with it in the past was that I couldn’t skip stuff that I already knew but maybe they have changed that in their updates.


Are you studying for your big exams? Are you trying to learn a new language? Well if you need to learn or memorize something,AnkiDroid is going to help you do that.

AnkiDroid is an open source flash card program to which you can add already made cards. In fact there are lots of ready sets of flash cards in different areas of studies in their website not to mention that you can make your own.

One of the nice things about AnkiDroid is that you can write in the flash cards if this function is already defined by the guy who created the set of cards you are using. you can simply write what you are trying to memorize on your touch screen.It really helps the memory.

Another advantage of this app over similar programs is that if you,like me, want to study on your Windows or Linux-based PC or laptop as well, you can find the respective applications in their website here.