Asteroids inside your screen!

If you like cosmology as much as I do, then you would probably like to have something cosmetic moving around your screen!

Asteroids 3D live wallpaper is free and after you install it you can use it’s customization to change it to your convenience. It gives you a number of different backgrounds. You can also change the number and the speed of your asteroids. It,optionally, uses your gyroscope so that when you move your device, Asteroids 3D live wallpaper also moves with it! Try it for fun 🙂

Elegance Theme

Another nicely designed theme with a lot of beautiful icons. A theme which really gives a new look to your android device. Elegance Is not just beautiful, it is multi- launcher, meaning it works on multiple launchers such as Apex, Nova, Go, ADW, Holo, Kitkat and most probably Next Launcher. Try Elegance and see for yourself!

Glowing Flower Live Wallpaper

I especially recommend this live wallpaper for tablets or cellphones with rather bigger screens.Glowing Flower Live Wallpaper is simple yet beautiful. It gives your screen a look you will hardly get tired of it!

Glowing Flower Live Wallpaper has options for changing it’s parameters to your own convenient.For instance, you can change the background or add butterflies and glowworms. You can also choose how they appear by adjusting controllers in the setting.

The only problem is (as usual!) is vety few adds that I only saw them while messing with the settings. Give Glowing Flower Live Wallpaper a try 🙂


DCIkonZ is producer of a series of great themes and icon packs for android. Their products are distinguished and elegant and will give a new look to your android device.

In case you don’t already know, launcher is a graphic interface that you use all the time to connect to your device.Google produces android with a default launcher and each company designs a launcher of their own for their products. But if you ever get tired of that or you want to have more themes and customization options installing a new launcher is the solution.

 DCIkonZ themes and icon packs are compatible with many famous launchers such as Go,Next,ADW,Nova and Apex.I hope you enjoy the beauty of their themes and icons.

Premium Wallpapers HD

     Every now and then you may want to give your interface a make over. You may do it with a new launcher or a new theme for and old launcher but wallpapers are also good choice.

     Premium Wallpapers HD is great source for beautiful wallpapers. It has many categories and the quality of the wallpapers is satisfying. There are categories for love,men,girls,flowers,movies,patterns and many others.

     Premium Wallpapers HD can be a lot of help in redecorating your screen.Trust me,your gonna like it 🙂

Live Wallpaper Magic

Live Wallpaper Magic is a great LWP for your android device.It is not complicated with lots of features and customizations but it is simply beautiful or at least I think it is 🙂

Live Wallpaper Magic is good with both small size and big size screens. It is nice with high display light and low display light so it’s cool anyway! You get to choose some of the details and although it’s not much the LWP itself is a nice one.

The only downside I found is the ads. It doesn’t pop ads when I’m using my device regularly but every time I go check the LWP’s setting an ad pops. I can tell you that it’s not really that annoying.Try Live Wallpaper Magic once and maybe you like it!


Clauncher is a very light weight, fast and easy to use android launcher which is especially very good for devices with limited resources( like older devices) but also looks great on new and expensive gadgets.

CLauncher is a simple but customizable android make over app that lets you choose and download beautiful themes and wallpapers right from inside the launcher.

I used it for about a month on my G Pad and then moved on to other launchers! I can tell you that I can’t remember having any problem or difficulty.

You can download CLauncher from here for free.