ES File Explorer File Manager

Usually android roms come with a file manager so that users can go through their internal and external content. These pre-installed file explorers are equipped with main tasks a user often needs to be done like copy and paste or delete but they usually aren’t very good at even doing those simple tasks.
ES File Explorer File Manager is a free app that can perform many different tasks and functions and it’s very easy to handle. Main edit functions such as copy/paste,extracting zip files,even showing video clips are just some of the good tasks this app easily does for you.
In addition to the above mentioned functions, ES File Explorer File Manager also has some root capabilities as well as networking abilities. Long story short, I couldn’t find a single problem!

Google Keyboard

So my LG keyboard on my LG GPad 8.3 started acting up! For nearly one year it was my only keyboard and it was so great I never bothered trying anything else but since last night it keeps crashing in horizontal mode so I thought I look for an alternative.

Google Keyboard is now my default keyboard.It is simple yet have everything you could possibly need. Google Keyboard  is even very similar to Lg keyboard in terms of graphical interface. It is multi-language and has auto correct which you can disable in the settings. Apparently there is a voice talking function too but I haven’t yet had time to find it.

The only downside is that the themes are not enough! which is not really a keyboard problem. I also read somewhere that some Galaxy Note owners are having problem using their pen with this app.

Floating Toolbox

Floating Toolbox is a very handy app/widget that gives you a set of shortcuts on all of your screens.The idea comes from Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s a button on your screen and when you touch it Floating Toolbox turns in to a roll of shortcuts which are already chosen by you.

Frankly I prefer to make folders on my main screen instead because I have a lot of apps and I always need them. But if the number of apps that you use more frequently is not that vast, then Floating Toolbox is a very good choice for you 🙂