Ever found an amazing article or an interesting video in the internet and you thought too bad mt phone screen is small otherwise I would be all over it!? Or perhaps you haven’t had time for it the moment and you wished you could enjoy it later and while being offline? Well Pocket is going to help you with that:-)

Articles, videos and images are what you can save in Pocket. You can install Pocket extensions for your browsers as well so that when you save something on your android device, you can read or watch it over the bigger screen of your PC or laptop later. Even your friends can share interesting stuff with you.

Snap Camera HDR

Well I have a rather old cellphone.yet I have managed to even install android 4.4.4 on it! Because my phone is not brand new,the resources are very limited and I have to choose apps wisely. Snap Camera HDR is a relatively lightweight yet very useful camera app that takes great photos and HD videos on my old phone.

Snap Camera HDR won’t let you down with complicated menus and lots of features. You can change the settings very easily and use it by one simple click!

If you have an old android gadget or you dont have enough resources left,  Snap Camera HDR is your camera 🙂